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This solo CD contains my music, mostly instrumental. From early childhood I was fascinated by the sound of resophonic guitar. I am even more fascinated by it today, since its sound can be applied in a wide range of musical genres. At the same time, it is a great challenge to find the right sound as well as the type of technique of playing. And that is the reason, why I chose to do my first recording at home. At least, the recording of my own instrument. The quiet and peaceful environment was instrumental in achieving the most desirable sounds of my guitar. With this CD, I would like to share my music with you. I hope you will enjoy it!

It is my pleasure to sincerely express my gratitude to all, who made this album possible and with their participation significantly improve quality of the musical content. My thanks is to the following musicians:
Jakub Michálek, Kamil Slezák, Michael Vašíček, Vít Hanulík, Ondra Kozák, Zbyňek Bureš, Tomáš Juřena, Michal Wawrzyczek, Lukáš Rytíř, Zdislava Začalová, Michael Dvořák, Michal Marek, Markéta Marková, Jiří Začal, Jiří Šoltis, Jaromír Carda Staněk, Jiří Svoboda

Music, Mix, Mastering / Hudba: Karel Začal
Recorded at/Nahráno na těchto místech:
Domácí studio Krnov, Studio Petrovice, studio Českého Rozhlasu Ostrava (Czech Radio Ostrava), studio ATAMAN, Koncertní síň sv.Ducha Krnov, ZUŠ Sušice
Cover design by/Návrh obalu: Jan Hanulík
Album recorded in 2015-2017 / Album bylo natáčeno v průběhu let 2015-2017

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