Luthier: Karel Začal               

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mobil: +420 739 740 745

Workroom address:

Krnovská 576

793 76 Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic

A Few Facts about Myself:

I was born in Zlaté Hory near Jeseník in 1986. In my childhood I inspected the mystique of a musical instrument which often did not please its owner. At the age of five, my parents enrolled me to take the piano lessons in the Musical School in Zlaté Hory. But I was not interested in playing the piano very much. I tended more to manual creation, cutting, assembling and sticking various paper models, in compounding wooden airplane models etc. But this liking did not last long. Later, I was about twelve, I made the first “musical instrument” of mine. At the beginning there were big ambitions which ended in a sort of hybrid of mandoline and a window frame…I was surprised – it gave out sound anyway! It was followed by another attempt to build up a guitar, a dobro and a mandoline which were more effective.

At the age of 13 I was fascinated by the resophonic guitar (dobro), by its characteristic sound colour and the slide-style of playing it. With the help of Andrew Holoubek, a well-known Czech producer of the musical instruments, my father bought me a Regal trade mark dobro as I went on beseeching for one. After finishing the Basic school I started studying at the Secondary Organ School in Krnov. At that time I finished the first cycle of the piano playing at the music school because I wanted to devote myself entirely to playing the dobro. During my studies in Krnov I kept on gathering up the information about making the organ as well as the string instruments. Passing the school leaving examination I finished my studies at the Organ School and I took the job of a mechanic of the strings with the Rieger-Kloss Firm. Then, in 2008 I started making my own resophonic guitars as my main job. I am constantly striving to improve production technology and to achieve the maximum possible sound quality of my resophonic guitars.

I am the holder of the IES Certificate:

IES Certificate