Describe of model C.11


I build a resophonic guitars according model C.11, which is my designation for the basic visual template (shape of the body, fingerboard, neck and the head). The construction of the body is “open”, without any “Soundwell” inside.  There are six spruce soundpost, connecting the top and the back sides. An important part of the construction is a baffle (bass reflex) – a parabolic foil for gaining more bass frequencies. The top is supported by the special ring and strong solid construction. The body does not contain excess material and have still high durability. Model C.11 is a large body and the back side is arched (parabolic). For every wooden part a solid wood material is used. My goal is to achieve strong, dynamic and color balanced sound. Based on specific customer requirements I am able to achieve a specific sound, e.g. soft or sharp tone.

Scale: 635 mm

String Spacing at the Nut: 8.7 mm

String Spacing at the Bridge: 11.5 mm

Body dimension – length: 510 mm / width: 372 mm / height: 88 mm – 110 mm

Standard tuning: G, H, D, g, h, d



The drawing is made in the software QCAD. In addition to the 2D instrument drawing is also used a 3D model, especially for obtaining accurate documentation for CNC milling (BLENDER, PlanetCNC).