Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to build an instrument?

It usually takes two to three months. However, it lasts longer typically depending on the number of orders. Please contact me to get information on current waiting time.


How can I place an order to build an instrument?

Go to Order section and specify your requirements using the order form. Upon completion and sending the form, the order is processed and confirmed by e-mail or phone.


Is it possible to purchase a ready-made instrument?

Yes, it is. Please go to Sales page to see models currently on stock.


What kind of strings is a new resophonic guitar stringed with?

“GHS-1650” or “GHS-1650 PL”.


Are resophonic guitars built using “Soundwell” inside?

No, resophonic guitars are built in compliance with modern trends. The corpus is sufficiently firm even without the use of any soundwell.


Can I have an instrument shipped abroad? How is it safe? How much does the shipment cost?

Yes, instruments can be shipped to most countries of the world. Shipping insurance is provided by the carrier. Calculation of shipping rates is based on the distance and transit time.